Monday, April 16, 2007

Quilting and Wine

My mom, sister and I had a wonderful Girls' Weekend in Murphys. I don't think we stopped laughing until we were driving home in our respective directions. We had lots and lots of very tasty wine and hit a bunch of cute shops. I got several vintage handkerchiefs and buttons and made my first yarn shop purchase (usually I buy from Joann's or Hancocks).

I tried to take it easy on my first time and only got a couple things, but wow, that will definitely become addicting. So much nice soft, non-acrylic yarn!

And to make up for doing no crafting/sewing at all this weekend with MANY pending deadlines looming, I've taken today and tomorrow off work. Today I completed putting together the group quilt from work.

That is a major load off of my mind! Hopefully I'll be taking it to my aunt's house this weekend for the next steps of layering and quilting, which I've never learned how to properly do.

Tomorrow... more pencil bags and maybe some tissue holders!


  1. I like the girls' weekend idea... and the wine seals the deal. Looks like good times and good loot!

  2. Very much so! I can't wait for next year!

  3. Sarah it sounds like you all had a blast!! How very cool :)