Sunday, April 22, 2007

Free motion quilting

No that's not me, and no, that's not my Bernina. My aunt was gracious enough to do the quilting on the group quilt, while filling my brain with pointers and inspiration. She is really talented at free motion quilting. She sewed a leaf/curly-cue meander on the main part of the quilt (with a flower on each of the squares that the breast cancer survivor made), and a feather design border. She did all of it free-form without markings or patterns, except for the feather where she merely marked the spine. I was (and still am) highly impressed.

Check out one of her recent projects...

Wow, right? I just love the turquoise and the orange together. Along with all the quilting wisdom I soaked up just talking to her and watching her in action, she also sent me home with a couple quilting books to peruse. This one has already helped me prep the binding.

The book will also be my friend through my attempt at mitering corners... hopefully it'll turn out ok!

And look what I came home to... kids fabric scrap creations!


And Ali's...
I'm a very lucky girl.

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  1. WOW!!!!! Sarah you and your aunt are very talented! I've never had the patience for creating quilts but greatly admire those who do!