Sunday, April 1, 2007

Devilishly good

I forgot to post about my Japanese skirt book from The Devil's Cloth etsy shop. It's a great book, and I've already picked out two skirts that I want to make.

They're all elastic waist skirts with variations, which is great because this will be my first time making something with Japanese directions. Luckily the pictures in the directions are pretty instructional.

With my order I also got a nice "thank you" card, and a 15% discount on my next order! Yay!
On Friday I went to a pattern alteration and design class where I got a designer's curve and tailor's ruler. The designer's curve is pretty cool, because at each end are the curves you need for the front and back of an arm curve, which are different. I also got vellum paper for making patterns, which will be great for making some of those Japanese skirts.
Now I'm off to work on a headband idea I woke up with in my head, and check out what I can utilize my 15% discount on at The Devil's Cloth!

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  1. So I totally stalked my name and saw your post. Ha. I am The Devil's Cloth. Thanks for linking up to my shop. Did you make anything out of the skirt books yet? The curve tool is great for patternmaking. I will try to post the skirts I made one of these days. I LOVE your headbands! I am adding you to my blog stalking list now, hope you don't mind.