Sunday, April 22, 2007

Canned Air Cozy

I finally got some canned air to clean out my severely dusty sewing machine and serger. I discovered that while you're using it (and I used it a lot, I had LOTS of dust), it gets almost too cold to handle. So, what solves that problem? A nice quilted cozy!

Now, I must admit that I didn't actually quilt the fabric, I somehow had a scrap of pre-quilted fabric that I acquired from somewhere. Despite the cheating, I think it looks alright, and it definitely keeps my hands from freezing.


  1. Love it! I'd never have thought of a cozy for canned air. I'd like to see someone do a project of an entire apartment full of cozied objects. I guess there is no limit to what one can surround in fabric!

  2. Ooo... a completely cozied apartment, that would be quite an accomplishment! :o)