Friday, March 9, 2007

Yeeeee Haw

A coworker of my sister wants to commission me to make a cowboy themed denim and bandana quilt and crib bumper for her baby boy due in August. I have been wanting to incorporate denim into a quilted project, so I’m really excited about this. I have a bunch of old jeans saved up, but since it’s going to be for a baby, I’ll probably go to a thrift store and get some denim shirts so that it won’t be too heavy, and so that I can back it in something soft and snuggly, like minky. While looking up bandana fabrics online, I came across this adorable fabric, and I’m going to see if she’ll like it. I’m thinking of doing a simple pattern with a blue and red bandana fabric, an iron brand fabric, and that cowboy fabric. I also like this rope fabric (which also comes in red), which I could use in a border or for the binding. Sometimes I have a hard time visualizing how the fabrics and pieces will work together in a quilt, so I put together pictures in Word of the designs.

In this quilt, I tried to make the colors more random, but after spending several frustrating hours trying to make the colors work (random with none of the same colors next to each other), I decided this pattern was fine.

If she doesn’t care for the cowboy fabric, I was also thinking of doing a simple quilt with squares.

Well, I’m off for the weekend. We’re on a John Muir fact-finding mission to Yosemite for Ali’s school project. A couple weeks ago we went to Muir Woods and saw the big trees. We’re also going to squeeze in some family time with my parents and grandma.

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