Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yay Reprodepot!

I got my Reprodepot order! I've always been a little leery of buying fabric online. Colors can be so much different on a screen than in person, but I must say, the brand fabric (for this project) is exactly what it looked like online. I am one happy customer. The Amy Butler pattern has me itching to make the bag so I can go on a weekend trip, with my hair tied in a scarf, and big moviestar sunglasses. Usually the packing for our weekend trips consists of a bunch of clothes stuffed into a backpack or suitcase at the last minute, so this will lend a bit more class to our spontaneous adventures. And I just noticed that all buttons at Reprodepot are 25% off until the end of March! Hmm... but then it says 30% when you go to the button page. Ah well, they're cheaper, nonetheless and adorable. I just love these buttons.


  1. Reprodepot reprodepot. I'm going to order from them as soon as I move - some fabrics I've had my eye on at a British shop are HALF THE PRICE there, which makes the shipping charges pale into insignificance!

  2. That is significant!

    I'm toying with the idea of ordering some more fabrics to make it worth the shipping for some buttons...