Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Window View

Mike and I have left a blank space on our bedroom wall (amazing in our place, being that every available wall space – even in the bathroom – is taken up with paintings, drawings and photographs), just waiting for us to fill it with something special. After much hemming and hawing, we finally decided on a project to fill the space: a window painting. At my last apartment Mike pulled three old windows out of the dumpster with the idea of doing something fabulously artistic with them. They’ve followed us around, spent time on our balcony behind the BBQ, gathering dust and spiders, waiting for the right combination of time and inspiration. Last night Mike got the inspiration, and we made the time. So after about a year of indecisiveness and half an hour of work, we have a lovely window painting for our bedroom!

Our collective taste is pretty simple when it comes to art and painting: glob it on, and see what happens. And that’s just what we did. Mike mixed some acrylic paints with water (and probably some kind of medium), and we literally poured it onto the window and swirled it around. I’m a big fan of big chunks of paint, so we added some of those too. Being that the paint was quite watery and wouldn't stay still, we really didn't have too much control of what it did. We had swirls and drips worked into the paint that slowly faded together overnight, creating more of a muted aura. We're both pretty pleased.

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  1. Wow Sarah!!!! That turned out VERY cool! Looks like a glimpse into another galaxy....