Monday, March 26, 2007


I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

The gorgeous weather inspired me to clean, clean, clean! I unearthed our deck from under a thick layer of Stuff, and even found the will power to get rid of some stuff I've been reluctant to be rid of. And, like tons of other people, I made the trip(s) to the local garden store, and came home with lots of flowers and a new addition in preparation for lots of spring and summer BBQs.

Mike was busy as well. He hung our painting...

And helped Ali build Yosemite Valley (with John Muir looking on)!

I got a bit of crafting in too. I made myself a thread spool rack for an empty space in my sewing nook from this tutorial.

I have a lot more thread than I realized. And nearly every shade of purple.


  1. Your "sewing nook" looks great - so organised!

  2. I wish I could say that my first reaction to your comment wasn't "Ha!", but alas, it was. The picture doesn't really tell the whole tale. But thank you, your comment gives me hope that it has the potential for organization!

  3. Well-organized thread (or what looks like well-organized thread, since you seem to imply that there is some hidden disorder) is so pretty to look at. Sounds like a super productive weekend!

  4. The thread is organized (and pretty, I agree), it's the rest of the nook that is not. Patterns overflowing into every available crack, buttons strewn about not quite making it into the tin, misc things that haven't found a home yet... I actually have all my ribbon in a plastic bag hanging from a cross stitch fabric tube that juts out a bit from the shelf. But I didn't show all that in the pic of my lovely thread rack...

  5. Sarah it looks great!! I laughed when I saw your comment about having almost every shade of purple thread there is....for some reason I can't seem to stop making purple bears and bunnies LOL!!!