Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Robin Hood Clock

After seeing this idea on Craftzine and following the link to Instructables, Mike and I were bitten with the clock-making bug. We scoured our favorite thrift store for hardbound kids books and clocks we could strip for parts, and came home with the book version of our favorite childhood movie, Robin Hood. Oo-de-lally.

Mike got out the power tools and sharp implements, and I manned the camera.

Mike first drilled a hole in the middle of the book where the clock hands would go. Poor Little John...

Then he cut out a square in the back of the book for the clock motor to sit into. After that we realized that the book was too thick for the clock parts we had, so he then had to cut a square in all of the pages of the book so that everything would sit flush. Boy did it feel wrong to cut up a book like that.

For stability we glued each page together with good ol' elmers, hot glued the clock motor in place, and "clamped" it down to dry.

We decided (mostly because we didn't have them) against putting the numbers on our new clock, so we put the hands on and that was it.


  1. That's a really fun idea. I might give it a go when i can think of a good book to use. And after i've moved.. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's so new i didn't think anyone knew it existed ;)

  2. Thanks! I want to try it on other books now, other than children's books, it was super easy. (Although, you may notice that I am not in any of the pictures of the actual work, so I may not be qualified to say that)

  3. Awesome!! I have a Sleeping Beauty book that must become a clock, stat!

  4. Sleeping Beauty would be perfect!