Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The "Right" and "Wrong" of sewing

I've gotten several old sewing books at yard sales and hadn't looked at them until last night. Then today I came across Aunt Jaime who was sharing her inspirational finds, and I knew I had to share. One of the books in particular made me chuckle, the Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book. The illustrations for the "Right" and "Wrong" are fantastic.

I love how dismayed the "Wrong" ladies are. The book even has a chapter entitled Accessories and wardrobe planning, with guidance on how to accessorize based on height.

Illustrations aside, the content is still useful, even 46 years later. It has pattern fitting, garment assembly and finishing techniques covering everything from how to accommodate a flat derriere to welt pockets, to how to sew in a hook and eye and when to use them. But, unlike the part about fitting for a flat derriere, I will definitely be using the chapter on tailoring. Along with knitting my own socks (with the help of this lovely resource), my reach project is making my own tailored jacket. With my body type, nothing off the rack fits properly and I think it would be a great challenge. Or the project that drives me completely mad. It's a toss up.

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  1. I love these old books. You're right, they have some great information and the illustrations are so fun.