Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pencils in a boring box, oh no...

Mike got me a set of lovely new colored pencils when I was feeling under the weather over St. Patrick's Day weekend, and they were the perfect excuse to make a pencil roll. I've been seeing these around, some in the form of needle rolls (check out this tutorial), but I don't knit or crochet enough (yet) to have a lot of needles to organize (speaking of organized, check out Julieree's crochet to go roll). So, I was more inspired by the pencil rolls. Especially Kathy's at Pink Chalk Studio. She's even teaching a class. So I decided to take the unofficial "online course" (aka, using her pics to make my own). This is what I came up with.

I added a top flap so the pencils wouldn't fall out. I love the fabric on the pocket, it looks all ready to color in. Ali and Devin picked out the colors for the stripes. I had no idea that my stash was big enough to come up with all those colors, but I guess I've now arrived as a crafter/quilter/seamstress.

Mike and I bounced some ideas off each other, I made a few improvements on my construction, and adopted a bit of a different design, and here's the result.

I've been itching to work with denim, and I thought that the soft, well worn recycled denim that I've been collecting would make a great, sturdy pencil roll. Despite my growing stash, I don't have plain flannel, so I used lime green flannel with butterflies from pj's I made for Ali for the lining of the pocket, and it made a kind of piped edge on the top of the pocket which I like. I love the way my over-compensation for a fear of having the ribbon too short turned into one of my favorite things about the rolls. The ribbon ties now looks like geisha belts to me. I'm not sure what geisha would wear denim, but you know what I mean.


  1. Your pencil rolls look great! I love the variety of fabrics you used to coordinate with the pencils - the banana fabric is my favorite!

  2. It's my favorite too, and it made it into both pencil rolls.

  3. The pencil roll is so perfect - my anal rententive self loves the color-coded landing strips!

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