Sunday, March 4, 2007

My boyfriend, the science nerd... and Daiso!

Mike took me on a date today, and we ended up going to the Exploratorium in San Francisco and Daiso in Daly City. He got his nerd on, big time, as you can see. We had a blast though, I felt like a kid running from one exhibit to the next pressing buttons and turning knobs. I think I even pushed a kid out of the way at one point.

And Daiso was awesome! Almost everything in the store was $1.50!! It is definitely going to be our first stop for parties and kids' presents. The two dishes you see are going to go along with the skirt for my mom's birthday. The fabrics on the left side are handkerchiefs and in the middle is a potsticker maker! I already have a list of things I want to get next time, including a little liquid pourer (perfect for soy sauce), colored and homemade paper, baskets, and possibly more knitting needles. And maybe some bento accessories. After seeing what some people can do, I'm totally inspired.

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