Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got Lei'd

Thank you My Little Mochi! I won her lei-away raffle, and look what I got!

And all the wonderful goodies inside...

In case you're wondering, the chocolate caramel macadamia bar in the back is just an empty bag. Yum! And look at all the wonderful things she made (minus the clay bunny, the poor dear's ears fell off, but check it out here)...

I've been in love with the crocheted bunny since this post.

And that's not all... here are the treasures I ordered from Etsy...

From carriebee (also check out her blog here) I got these lovely stitch markers, with a free set of envelopes.

From three dog party I got some fantastic sexy librarian bookplates that came with all kinds of fun extras including the typewriter stamped card shown with the lovely packaging from my other order from Sulu (check out her blog here).

These earrings are so gorgeous! I want to wear them all the time!

And last, but not least, I got the fabric for the cowboy baby linens and quilt. I got it from Fabric Attic, and I would buy from them again. They had an impressive selection (especially of cowboy prints), and I got my order in 2 weeks on the dot. And look how cute those little cowboys are...

**Sorry about the format of this post... still working out the bugs, I guess.


  1. oh man! I'm sooo jealous! There were like 150 comments to that post too! WOW! You are so lucky :) Thanks for sharing the details too! I was dying to see :)

  2. I was scrolling down through all of your amazing goodies and was so thrilled to see the earrings among them. Thanks so much for the little shout out, and enjoy all of the fun etsy buys!

  3. Wow! You must be in crafty heaven right now. So what it is like on cloud 9? I'm looking forward to the quilt.