Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The fabric is ordered!

I'm so excited! I went to several fabric stores yesterday and today, and nothing compared to what I found online for the cowboy quilt. So, I calculated all the yardage (cross my fingers that I did it correctly), and send off my orders. I ordered from two places, Fabric Attic, which has a main site and a site just for cowboy fabric, and Reprodepot. Fabric Attic is where I got the bulk of the fabric. You can't really beat their prices, but I have heard nothing about them, so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly. Reprodepot is fantastic. I've been drooling over their stuff for a while now. I just got one fabric for the cowboy project, but to make the shipping worth while (I couldn't see spending $9 on S&H on $5 of fabric), I added a couple extra things to my order (twist my arm, right?). One was the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag, which I'm so excited about! I first saw it here, and then saw a very cool fabric choice here. I'm torn between using some really fun big print, or something tweedy and British-looking. Reprodepot has some really lovely choices.

And because it feels odd to have a post without a picture, here's a pic of Devin at his first t-ball game yesterday. Too cute...


  1. There is no way you could have resisted that Amy Butler bag. I've loved it every since I've seen it.

  2. It's really great isn't it? I'm not sure how big it is, and if I could actually fit everything I take on a weekend trip into the bag, but I'm sure I'll love it nonetheless.

    I love your cuatropuses!