Monday, March 5, 2007

Embroidery hoops and matchbooks

In my daily puruse through the craft blogs, I came across SouleMama talking about a Purl Bee post and tutorial about turning embroidery hoops into fabric swatch frames. This is such a fantastic idea! I'm surprised that I haven't seen it before. I have some hoops that aren't being used, and some cute, show-off-worthy fabrics that I just haven't had the courage to use in anything yet, so I'm sure these will show up on some wall in our apartment very soon (I just have to find a wall with some free space...).

I also read a tutorial mentioned on Craftzine that reminded me of another tutorial that I used a while back to make matchbook notebooks. I made a bunch up and Mike's kids decorated them. Devin used his trademark "Christmas tree and balloon" motif, and Ali did some fingerprint stamp scenes. I smile every time I see these.


  1. Love the matchbook books!!!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my illustration...

  2. Thanks, and you're welcome!