Monday, March 12, 2007

Craft vs. Muir

Not much crafting going on, at least not much tangible crafting. I've been planning and scheming with my sister, Jessica, about the cowboy baby quilt. I got the ok on the cowboy material and pattern, and I picked up some patterns for the rest at Hancock's today (yay $0.99 patterns!). Now I just have to find out whether she wants a flat bed skirt, or a gathered one. I'm leaning towards flat, but I got the pattern with the gatherd skirt for the fitted crib sheet. I also got these patterns, because how can you pass up cheap patterns? The first one is my, hopefully not vain, attempt to wear an Asian-style wrap shirt. Every single one I've ever tried on doesn't look right, but I'm in love with the style, and I'm hoping that if I make it I can fit it to my odd shape. The second one is a starter pattern for my goal of making a fitted jacket.

So why hasn't much crafting been going on? You mean besides the general laziness that always follows the daylight savings switch this time of year? Well, we've been deeply entrenched in the world of John Muir. Ali's project is taking us to many fun places, this weekend being Yosemite National Park. I grew up around Yosemite, so have been to the Valley many times, but have never been to Hetch Hetchy. John Muir's last cause was trying to save the Hetch Hetchy Valley from being turned into a resevoir, a cause that he lost. Nonetheless, it was breathtaking.

We then went into Yosemite Valley for a bit of a quick tour.

And my grandmother, who is a docent at the Mariposa Museum and History Center, gave us a John Muir-themed tour.

And you know what, now that I look through our pictures, I see that we did get some crafting done. Reminds me a bit of what glittergoods has been up to. But a lot more rebellious.

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