Saturday, March 3, 2007

Backwards construction

I spent most of last night ripping apart a pair of linen capri pants to turn them into a skirt for my mom. It was odd to start out with a pair of pants and end up with the pieces. I'm used to it being the other way around. It was interesting seeing how ready-to-wear clothes are put together. Like I didn't know that they put elastic around the back of drawstring pants. It makes sense when you think about it, that way they don't have to be gathered up bag-like to fit. And I was able to salvage the 4 inch zipper that I will totally use in something else.

So the plan with the skirt is to use the directions in this book to make a drawstring skirt (with pre-made drawstring pilfered from the pants!) with some kind of decorative element at the hem. I'm thinking either pieced squares of purple batik that I got for my b-day, or something like this.

And speaking of recycled pants and purple batik... a bit ago I made a yoga mat bag out of my boyfriend Mike's pants. I just took the pant leg, sewed a batik panel in the side, put some extra belt loops in, made a "belt", and put a handle on it. Mike helped me cut the pant leg open (no careful ripping that time), and as he cut it, the front of the fabric slipped in the scissors and he sliced a nice oval hole in it. I took the advice of my quilting/sewing friend, and used the mistake as a design opportunity.

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